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Create custom widgets to get the most out of your website — lead generation, market research, Affiliate Revenue and more. No need to ever update code!

Why Use SimpleWidget?

We give you tools to create an HTML/JavaScript-based widget from scratch or from your existing widget-sized Web Page, Flash file or RSS feed. You can also import your Google Gadget. We’re here to give you the best tools for making and distributing widgets so you can focus on being creative.

Wide Selection

We offer an extensive selection of widgets covering every topic: games, calendars, news feeds, and more. Search with confidence for the widgets that you need!

Social widgets

You can find widgets for almost any social media page on Simple Widget! By displaying a widget on your social media pages, you can share outside content with your friends.

Blog widgets

Have a blog, twitter, flickr, or youtube channel? Turn your feed content into a widget that you can share with others by displaying it on other websites or web pages!

Easily Customizable

Create a customized widget in minutes without any coding knowledge! Simply select the template for the widget you'd like to create and customize it with your own content.

Personalize Widgets

Customize the appearance of your widget by choosing different colors, images, layouts, and fonts. You can personalize any widget and style it exactly to your desires!

Develop Widgets

Want to create a widget from scratch? Create or submit your previously made widgets from HTML, Flash, or JavaScript and receive exclusive benefits!

What Type of Widgets Does Simple Widget Offer?
Flexible Pricing
  • Choose
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    • Create & Save Unlimited Widgets
    • Submit to Our Widget Directory
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    • Earn widget revenue
    • SEO Friendly Widgets
  • ★ We recommend ★
    $3.95 /mo
    Brand your Widget
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    • Develop Widgets
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    • SEO Friendly Widgets
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How SimpleWidget Works?

We Are The #1 Widget Solution

Building your own website widget has never been more simple than it is with Simple Widget! Simple Widget is an incredibly easy, user-friendly tool that allows you to customize a wide variety of widgets in only a few short minutes. From recent blog post feeds, to stock-market watches, Simple Widget allows you unlimited access to almost any type of widget. We are working on an improved selection of services to meet the latest standards of innovation expected in today’s Online world, and hope to be launching soon!

Create a Widget | Engage Your Audience with Dynamic Widgets

SimpleWidget is free to use Widgets are added to web pages, blog's, social media accounts, etc. Design and implement your custom widget in Minutes without any coding knowledge.

Create a Widget | Spread Your Message Across Thousands of Sites.

Search our database for that perfect addition to your site. Submit your widget to our widget marketplace for a chance to earn revenue!

Seamlessly Transition From Other Widget Syndication Websites

Users can simply replace their code or substitute it by creating a new widget with our enhanced interface. Developers can easily submit custom-made widgets into our marketplace.